King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT)

Computer Center

Our services are as fine as sand grains, as elegant as flowers, and as fluid as rivers

“We provide computer and information services for the KMUTT community, to help KMUTT students develop computer and information technology skills as well as to support researchers and to facilitate university management.”


The Computer Center was established as the department that is responsible for providing information technology and communication services for the university, in accordance with the 6th National Economic and Social Development Plan which was published in the Thai Government Gazette Vol. 106 Part 23 (9 February 1989). Our mission is to efficiently develop the appropriate technology for the university advancement in order to support education and university management.


The Computer Center is leading the development of information technology innovations to make KMUTT a Digital University


The Computer Center is the main department tasked with providing information technology services and developing innovations to support the university mission.


1. Develop innovations to provide up-to-date information technology services

2. Provide information technology infrastructure services

3. Provide information systems for education, research management and support, and academic services

4. Provide computer systems for education and management of teaching and learning

5. Provide modern classrooms and meeting rooms

6. Provide information technology skill development for university staff

7. Provide academic services for the community

8. Support the university’s activities and projects

Scope of duties and services

Network and Telecommunication Division is responsible for the following services:

+ Main network system service

+ Wireless network system service

+ Internet service

+ Telephone service

Computer Services Division is responsible for the following services:

+ Providing and configuring computer equipment for education

+ Call center and computer maintenance service

+ Student and staff ID card service

+ Licensed software download service

System Development Division is responsible for the following services:

+ University information technology system which includes information systems for university management and education management

+ Intranet system infrastructure;

+ University website

+ Text message notification service (SMS)

Research and Training Division is responsible for computer training, audio visual equipment, and classroom and meeting room services

+ Computer training services for staff

+ Computers, training rooms, and equipment circulation service;

+ Audio visual equipment, classroom, and meeting room services.

Office of the Director is responsible for managing all aspects of the Computer Center’s responsibilities:

+ Management/Administration/

+ Human Resources

+ Finance

+ Procurement

+ Policies and planning;

+ Quality Assurance