King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT)

Electronic Meeting System (e-Meeting)

e-Meeting is a system that helps with managing electronic documents of the meeting. This includes meeting preparation, agenda, invitations, documents, minutes of the meeting, electronic reports, and report revisions. Users can also create an invitation and respond to it within the system which is very convenient.

Benefits of e-Meeting
    1. Information is securely and confidentially stored on the server of the university.
    2. Provides easy access to the meeting documents.
    3. Can be used to search for and review documents from the previous meetings.
    4. Reduces cost for the document preparation.
    5. Save the environment, by reducing the use of paper and carbon emissions.

KMUTT Policy Response

University meetings that use e-Meeting in 2019 are separated into:

  1. ๐ University: 23 meetings

  2. ๐ KMUTT (Ratchaburi campus): 2 meetings

  3. ๐ Faculty/Department: 17 meetings

  4. ๐ Section: 5 meetings

Faculties, departments, and sections that use e-Meeting
  1. ๐ University level meetings e.g. university council, academic council, etc.

  2. ๐ KMUTT (Ratchaburi campus)

  3. ๐ Office of the President Building

  4. ๐ Faculty of Engineering

  5. ๐ Faculty of Science

  6. ๐ School of Liberal Arts

  7. ๐ Graduate School of Management and Innovation

  8. ๐ Computer Center

  9. ๐ Library

  10. ๐ Office of Building and Ground Management

Paper Usage Reduction Statistics in 2020 (Quarterly)

Data as of 28 December 2020

Paper Usage Reduction Statistics in 2020

Fiscal year of 2020 KMUTT used e-Meeting to reduce the use of paper
for the whole year
Fiscal year of 2020 (Oct 2019 – Sep 2020) KMUTT reduced the paper usage by using e-Meeting
Month Total (sheets) Total of Quarter (sheets)
Oct 2019 108,321 1st quarter
Nov 2019 77,667
Dec 2019 58,840
Jan 2020 76,878 2nd quarter
Feb 2020 78,162
Mar 2020 50,076
Apr 2020 87,330 3rd quarter
May 2020 340,400
Jun 2020 210,514
Jul 2020 134,614 4th quarter
Aug 2020 87,557
Sep 2020 140,787
Total 1,451,146

Data as of 28 December 2020  

Paper Usage Reduction Statistics in 2019

Data as of 16 January 2020

Procedures for Secretary

e-Meeting procedures for secretary

1. Request system access and send the meeting group details via 111 or

    ๐ Meeting group name in Thai and English (if any)
    ๐ A list of board committee names and positions in the meeting

2. Study the user manual. If there are inquiries or issues, feel free to contact the system administrator via 9430 or (K. Jintana).

3. Follow the instructions in the user manual step by step

Access Rights

e-Meeting is available for all departments in the university where users are separated into two types as below:

    1. Secretary, the secretary of the meeting, is in charge of the agenda, invitations, documents, minutes of meeting, and electronic reports. The secretary has to request permission from the Computer Center in order to access and create the meeting group in the system.
    2. Committee, the attendees of the meeting, do not have to request for the permission from the Computer Center in order to access the system (accessible via computer, tablet, and smartphone). The rights to access meeting documents depends on the secretary of that meeting. The committee members can see the documents only if they get permission from the secretary. They cannot see the documents that are not related to them.

How to use e-Meeting System from outside the University

    2. Access to e-Meeting For staff, you can login to e-Meeting System via “My portal” normally
  • An expert can use e-Meeting System from outside the University as following:

  • 1. Open Internet Explorer and go to select “For Staff”.
  • 2. select e-Meeting. – for an expert

  • 3. Login with Username and Password

  • 4. Access to the main e-Meeting page and use it as usual

  • e-Meeting Manuals for an expert click