King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT)

How to prepare for the New Single Sign-on System

The Computer Center will change the Single Sign-on System before KMUTT personnel can access the university applications from the present Microsoft Azure Login (New SSO) in order to upgrade the university Single Sign-on System so that KMUTTT personnel can access KMUTT applications with only one account.

How to prepare yourself when changing to the new SSO?

1. If you have an Office 365 Account,
you have to check to see if your account is ready for use or not.
  • ๐ If the system indicates that “Your account is SSO ready”you can access KMUTT applications with the new SSO instantly.
  • When accessing the system, if it indicates that you keyed in the wrong password, you have to reactivate Office 365. You can reactivate it by visiting then going to Activate Office 365 to activate the account.
  • ๐ If the system indicates that “Your account is not SSO ready” you have to contact the Computer Center or

    2. If you do not have an Office 365 Account,
    you need to register to use Office 365. After registration, you can access SSO within one day.

    If you still have any problems, you can report the problems at the Computer Center (tel. 111 or 9442).

    How is the Internet Account different from the Office 365 Account?
    Prior to this, if you used Office 365, you had to use to login. It is a different account from the university Internet account. However, when the new SSO is used, you have to change from to so that you can access the university applications such as Office 365 with the same account.

    When changing from to, will email information disappear?
    Changing to the new SSO is just the change of Username for logging in to the system, but the contents of either Office 365 or Google Mail are still available.

    When changing to the new SSO, is the e-mail still usable? can still access Google Mail and other Google services.

    Warning! Some possible effects

    ๐ Room Reservation System (RRS)
    The effects that might occur when booking rooms with the new SSO (with the account would be as follows:
    1. You will not see the former room reservation reserved by Account
    2. The designated authorization for System Admin and Secretary will disappear, but the account change will not affect users.
    3. Accessing the system with the new Account, you can still record/change room reservations in the same way as using the old Account.
    If you face any problems regarding making a room reservation, contact Khun ANUCHIT   YODSUTHI at the Computer Center, tel. 0-2470-9424

    ๐ MyPortal (Former Intranet)
    The effect that might occur with MyPortal when changing to the new SSO will be as follows: You may have to log in again into some systems in MyPortal since the new SSO might not support some of them. However, the Computer Center is now working on the system so that it can support the new SSO in the future.

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